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Your vehicle inspection at current travel restrictions:

  • We take over 50% of the costs if a specialized certified austrian expert checks your dream vehicle for you, and
  • we deliver it at cost price!

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Anyone who has ever looked at a stylish, historic vehicle and felt the special attitude to life, the passion behind it, knows: A collection is more than just a hobby. An acquisition is more than just an asset. Your classic car is more than just a vintage car.



We are there for you when you want full service support for your collection: Our extensive expertise extends from the care, maintenance, repair and home for your valuable vehicle all the way up to curating your stock or searching for a specific model, as well as full service support at events or rallies. Absolute discretion in every respect thereby goes without saying.

Storage and safekeeping

Storage with the correct conditions is essential to preserving the value of a classic car. Enjoy the 100% security of professional storage perfectly coordinated to your vehicle’s requirements: In the Hödlmayr Classic Car Center we offer the optimum conditions for long-term safekeeping or conventional storage.

Special conditioning and vintage car care

We meet the highest standards. With decades of expertise in the field of vintage car support, great care and products specially coordinated to vintage cars we give your vehicle a dignified appearance while ensuring its value continues to be preserved.

Expert assessments

The true connoisseur knows how to see past the façade: The actual value of a vehicle often deviates from the first external impression. We work closely with an extensive network of renowned experts, who collate the objective value and condition of the car and develop expert information on this basis and on the available documentation of the history.

Insurance and damage management

A historic vehicle has a long history, a unique design and a high material and idealistic significance for its owner. In short: It unites value with an attitude to life. This makes it even more uncomfortable if an incidence of damage actually occurs. In contrast to conventional passenger vehicles a vintage car requires special insurance protection. We give you thorough advice in taking out an insurance solution coordinated to your personal needs and undertake all of the necessary steps in the event of damage, all the way up to the complete restoration of your vehicle.