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A6 1500, 1949

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Brand: Maserati
Type: A6 1500
Year of manufacture: 1949
Unique: Comprehensive documentation based on academic research in cooperation with MASERATI, often quoted vehicle

The MASERATI A6 1500 Pinin Farina 1949 offered by us is the 10th of 61 built 1.5 litre versions and the fourth with short wheelbase.

The car, which was approved for Italian road use on February 2nd, 1949, was billed to the Milan MASERATI dealer CORTESE on February 5th, which sold the car to VENEZUELA in 1949, where it was – according to current information - used as a racing vehicle. The next track is available in 1959, when the head of the aeronautics service at MAIQUETIA (CARACAS) airport in VENEZUELA ordered and purchased spare parts for this car at MASERATI.

In 1988 the car found in VENEZUELA was bought by CARROZZERIA CAMPANELLI MARINO & FIGLI from REGGIO EMILIA (I) and imported to ITALY.

After restoration, MASERATI officially confirmed authenticity and identity in 1991. In 1992, the vehicle was approved for road use in Italy. This was followed by a number of prominent events, e. g. 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995 at the Mille Miglia or 2004 to the 90th anniversary of MASERATI. The car is presented in several relevant specialist publications and illustrated books - a. in the book "Maserati Coupé - La storia", published by MASERATI at the company's 100th anniversary, by renowned automobile historian, author and journalist Jürgen LEWANDOWSKY. 2017 the car was awarded at "Masterpieces®" - the "Councours d'Elegance" at the DYCK castle (GERMANY). An image of this award is included. Since 2012 the car is part of an Austrian collection.

The renowned MASERATI automobile historians Dot. Adolfo ORSI Jr. did a comprehensive historical research including a description, including documentation, work documents and image material. Of course the documents contain a certificate from MASERATI.
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