BUGATTI EB 110
    We have Bugatti EB 110 in selected qualities in our non public "off market" program. We are looking forward to hear from you! (sample picture of a car sold by us)
  • Maserati Ghibli Spyder 4700
    Maserati Ghibli Spyder 4700
    67th of 83 originals
  • FERRARI Daytona
    FERRARI Daytona
    The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona "Plexi"
    Sensual and tempestuous.
  • BMW "M" 635 CSi
    BMW "M" 635 CSi
    TECHNO CLASSICA CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE 2017 - "M" prototype & test car - sensation!
  • BMW V8 3200
    BMW V8 3200
    BMW V8 3200 Super
    the Autenrieth Cabriolet


Heritage is responsibility. Values become a way of life.

The love of vehicles, whether classic or modern, dates back to a sound legacy in our family company: My father had already made his passion into a profession by founding Hödlmayr Logistik. He was also a keen motorcycle racer and was state and regional champion in the year 1949 at mountain races with his NSU 500. This enthusiasm lives on in me unabated.

For me it is the quintessential design of a classic car, the aroma and sound of the engines, which makes the fascination of a certain era present again. Just sitting behind the steering wheel of a vintage car and experiencing this fascination with all of my senses is an indescribable pleasure for me.

I developed the Classic Car Center in Schwertberg out of a desire to create a suitable and stylish framework for likeminded aficionados to share. The foremost aim was thereby always the creation of an overall feel-good package for vintage cars, in addition to a platform for purchases and sales.

The Classic Car Center is now a business division deeply rooted in the awareness that it is necessary to personally acquire, experience and share such a heritage with likeminded people to genuinely possess it.

Johannes Hödlmayr

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Zeitgeist will pass. Experience endures.

What is valuable in life always has something do to with its history – the experiences, which have shaped it and hence made it so unique. Classic cars are also therefore always a memento and an introspection.

They draw one’s gaze back into the past, to the viewpoints that have paved the way for constant further development: A core value for all people, for whom the pioneering spirit and sense of history are in harmony.

Sensuousness as a tool kit.

Values remain a high priority and are constantly being renegotiated. People all remain true to one thing, however: Values live on due to their authenticity

It is hence the documented curriculum vitae that makes a classic car a trustworthy store of value.

Unusual isn’t automatically special.

Intelligence is the ability to draw distinctions. A lifestyle needs to be designed. And anyone who is successful in both: He makes history, is remembered and reinvents himself time and time again.

Appreciation appreciates.

Handling classic cars so they appreciate in value is no ordinary “business”. It has to be a passion. This is because endurance is required, as well as profound and current knowledge, good networking and the technical mastery that can only come from experience, attention to details and focused work – the cultivated bond between art and craftsmanship.

What is valuable needs time and space for regard.

Premium class classic cars need understanding, attention and a space, where they are not simply “parked” but rather exhibited. This is the visible way in which valuable and extraordinary vehicles are perceived and looked after.

It’s all about a classic car culture.

The Classic Car Center in Schwertberg is not only comparable with modern galleries but also with the workshops, which work behind the scenes and are distinguished by a sense of responsibility and cost awareness as well as the utmost care in handling the exhibits: A home for those good spirits, who love what they do.